Save the date: 7th Munich Venture Summit:

Date: May 2016 | Event location: To be announced. | Details will follow.

Startseite 2014
Panel Presentations
Interactive panel presentations on current entrepreneurial hot topics - like Disruptive Social Marketing (adMingle)
Startseite 2014
Technology & Innovation
Touchable & State-of-the-Art - Insights into the latest technology developments - The Tesla S
Startseite 2014
Guest Speakers
International Keynote Speakers explain latest developments - here The Simpleshow Company together with Morten Sondergaard
Startseite 2014
Panel Discussions
Moderated panel discussions investigate the latest industry developments and innovative trends.
Startseite 2014
Networking & Exchange
Bringing together various generations of entrepreneurs and businesses
Startseite 2014
The Phoenix Prize
The Phoenix Prize is awarded to inspirational people or a group of people who went through a cycle of regeneration or rebirth, either businesswise or life-wise

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Marc Bergfeld
Prof. Dr. Marc-Michael Bergfeld
Thank you for coming to the 6th Munich Venture Summit. It’s been great to have you all in town!

We believe in entrepreneurship and boosting innovation, especially through connecting the right people at the right time.We love to establish links between talent, ideas and capital and see the particular value of connections between the old economy and new industries, between established firms and disruptors, and between mature markets and the new innovation hot spots in emerging markets.That’s why we will bring these worlds together (again) and will look into the dynamics behind upcoming industries such as Personal Mobility, Logistics, Edutainment, Food, Money and Security. And, we will look at new hotspots such as Turkey for Social Media and Munich for Security Technologies.

Further, we know that entrepreneurship is a risky adventure. Some ventures excel, but many fail. Very few have the courage to get up again and then succeed once more. And as a society, we still stigmatize failure and dont support those that failed or had very limited chances from the beginning. That’s why we will honor those that have lived through all aspects of entrepreneurship: rose, slammed, and got back up, and support others in doing so too. We will award one selected venture with the “Phoenix Prize”.
Come join us for a knowledge-packed and fun day with exceptional people.

Value for you:

  • Meet talented individuals, innovators + investors
  • Learn and discuss about cutting edge topics
  • Expand your international network
  • Establish interdisciplinary collaboration


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